Honda Customers Seeing A Whole New Generation Of Vehicles

Honda Customers Seeing A Whole New Generation Of Vehicles

If you have been following what’s going on in the news these days, it’s easy to see that a lot of great things have been happening for Honda customers. It seems like Honda has been quite busy lately thinking up new ways to introduce some new high volume vehicles. For people who were looking for more fuel efficency, the Honda Fit was introduced to North American not that long ago. This was Honda’s way of providing city dwellers with a fuel efficient commuter that also has plenty of cargo space.

With the arrival of the all-new 2008 Accord, there is cause for celebration. If we Look at the all new redesigned vehicle, we see that it is a very practical and unassuming car. For more than three decades, we baby boomers have matured, along with the Honda Accord. This shows us that these latest Hondas prove that maturity can also mean excellence. Equipped with a V6 engine, six-speed manual transmission, and plenty of extras the Accord actually becomes fun to drive.

With the introduction of the all new CR-Z concept car, Honda is pushing the limits on bringing true sport and the latest technology together. This new breed of vejicle is poised to set Honda apart from it’s competitors in the Hybrid market. Honda calls the CR-Z a lightweight sports car, indicating that it will have the performance to backup its sporty looks. The interior design of the CR-Z has the look and feel of a Hi-tech and Sporty vehicle, which has been achieved by a very futuristic instrument panel. Honda also designed the interior to seem very airy and spacious by using mesh material on a simple framework.

Next we see the Honda SUT Concept which is a next-generation truck concept that takes a clean slate approach to the light-duty truck segment. It combines a roomy and practical SUV-style interior and a pickup-style cargo bed with traditional Honda strengths. This includes refined styling, superior ergonomics, innovative design and world-class build quality.

The truck market is evolving to meet the changing tastes of a new generation of truck buyers, so the Honda SUT Concept takes this evolution to the next level with higher levels of refinement and sophistication in a sporty and socially responsible package with Honda durability, quality and reliability.

And finally, Honda has recently confirmed it’s plans to bring the exciting “green” cars into production. The FCX hydrogen fuel cell car and a lightweight, hybrid sportscar will both be built – with a production version of the FCX making its debut next month. ear And next, based on the FCX concept, the all-new FCV will be marketed to fleet and retail customers in both the U.S. and Japan. The Honda FCV will provide all the creature comforts and safety most expect while the undisclosed specifications of the Honda V Flow fuel cell stack will provide performance equivalent to most modern day sedans while producing zero emissions other than water and heat.

So as you can see, Honda customers have a lot to look forward to as Honda continues to look at the future of vehicle engineering for a whole new generation of drivers.

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